Product Destruction

FRS is your one-stop solution for product destruction. We offer complete certified destruction services, with video documentation, recycling of raw materials and a host of transportation, de-packaging and disposal options to accommodate our customer’s needs. We make every effort to recycle the raw materials of items destroyed in a safe and economic manner. Depending on your product destruction requirements, FRS can use a variety of shredding, crushing, and manual destruction processes to achieve the desired result.

FRS services ensure that your brand and business names are protected at all times. Our technicians can collect, sort, package, manifest, transport and dispose of a wide range of consumer products and materials. Previous certified destruction projects include cosmetics, perfumes, aerosol cans, bulk foods, liquids, soaps, flammable materials, expired equipment from law enforcement agencies and consumer goods.

If the customer opts to package the discontinued or recalled products themselves, we can provide the packing materials, supplies and containers. FRS will collect, sort, package, manifest, transport and manage all product destruction and product disposal in compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Take a look at some of our video footage of recent product destruction operations. In the videos, we are handling expired packages of jalapeños, used aerosol cans, and defective handbags being shredded and processed for recycling.